The Energy Codes® by Dr. Sue Morter

Your energy field determines what happens in and around your physical body.

Your body is meant to be self-healing and self-regulating. There is an energy flow that is supposed to be flowing through your body. If energy is blocked due to an unresolved emotion or injury, the body can’t fully heal itself. However, if the communication system in the body is working how it is intended to work, healing happens.

The Energy Codes® are tools and practices that awaken your energy centers and the lines of communication between them by integrating mind, body, and breath. The Energy Codes® invite us to bring awareness to our bodies so that we can access our inner wisdom and live life from inside out.

After seeing how The Energy Codes® have changed my life and that of others, I developed workshops and a masterclass series to share this most important work with others.

Workshops are a two hour event that starts off with movement, discusses concepts and theory, demonstrates conscious breathing exercises, and concludes with how and when to develop a daily practice for integration. Workshops are held once a month at several locations throughout Orange County.

The masterclass series is an 8-week gathering of 10 women who want to dive deeper into an understanding of The Energy Codes® with additional content and discussion. Practices of breathwork, meditation, and yoga poses are taught for further integration. This intimate group setting allows for a sacred space where women feel safe to express themselves in an inspiring and healing environment, and a supportive community is created.